Kolja Thurner

Affiliation institutionnelle : Humboldt University
Domaines de recherche :

Art history, Visual history, Early modern history of double imagery, Landscape painting, Relationships of evolution and art

Kolja Thurner is an Art and Visual Historian. He studied Art History, German Studies and Philosophy at Eberhard-Karls-University, Tübingen (B.A.) and Art and Visual History at Humboldt-University Berlin (M.A.). Since 2017 he is working as a Research Assistant to Prof. Dr. Horst Bredekamp and since 2020 as a Research Associate at the Project Symbolic Material in the Cluster of Excellence Matters of Activity at HU Berlin. His research focuses on the early modern history of double imagery, landscape painting as well as the relationships of evolution and art. His PhD project Patinir and the Pioneers of Seeing investigates the visual culture of double images in 16th-century Antwerp art.