Barbara Friedman

Affiliation institutionnelle : Pace University
Barbara Friedman, Woman and Roof (2016)  
Huile sur panneau de bois | 24” x 18”  
Image numérique | 2500 × 1878 px  
©Barbara Friedman barbarafriedmanpaintings.com  
Barbara Friedman, Pink Gulliver in Town Square (2016)
Huile sur lin | 24” x 24”  
Image numérique | 2198 × 2200 px  
©Barbara Friedman barbarafriedmanpaintings.com  
Barbara Friedman, Gulliver Alone (2016)  
Huile sur lin | 48” x 48”  
Image numérique | 2800 × 2686 px  
©Barbara Friedman barbarafriedmanpaintings.com  
Barbara Friedman, Rood with Gumby (2016)  
Huile sur toile | 30” x 40”  
Image numérique | 2500 × 1868 px  
©Barbara Friedman barbarafriedmanpaintings.com  
Barbara Friedman, Pinocchio on Orange Lot (2017)  
Huile sur lin | 32” x 39”  
Image numérique | 3000 × 2480 px  
©Barbara Friedman barbarafriedmanpaintings.com  

Barbara Friedman has lived and shown her work in New York City since 1983, where she is a professor of art at Pace University. For years her work has drawn on a variety of artistic traditions to pursue the theme of dislocation. In her recent paintings, letting images “appear” in the way she does gives her various protagonists (Pinocchio, Gumby, Gulliver, etc.) a sense of arriving, as if they come into the paintings’ pictorial spaces as travelers. They’ve been dislocated. She sees them as “unreliable narrators” because they act as if the space they’re in were one thing even when you see that it’s something else.

She has had thirty-four solo shows and reviews of Friedman’s work have appeared in the New York Times, the New York Sun, The Irish Times, Newsday, Art in America, ARTS Magazine, and Artweek.